History of the Inn

In the beginning, in the 18th century

It is estimated that this building was built in the 18th century. Formerly called "Chez la Catherine", this house, two centuries old, served as a town farm and a grocery store where the owner sold its retail products. All the village elders will find an anecdote to tell you about the house and about “La Catherine”! 


Left abandoned for a long time after the death of the owner, the house suffered the onslaught of burle, snow and bad weather. It was in a state of complete ruin that the new owners took possession of the premises, the walls and part of the roof were able to be preserved, everything else had to be restored. After months of work, the Auberge des Calades was born.

All the calades, used as floor “coverings”, were moved, replaced and sealed in the restaurant part of the inn, hence its name . Many dressers, cupboards and doors carved directly from wood have been preserved and used as storage.

Its period fireplace has been restored and it works. A charming inn, with thick stone walls and a slate roof, was born, in which an atmosphere emerges that will seduce you, with its authenticity and its characteristic character of the imposing mountain houses of the Mézenc plateau